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One of the main risk factors for disease is sitting for too many hours, since the human body is perfectly adapted to movement, and a lack of it may trigger ailments.

From where does the body obtain the energy to practice sports?

Thanks to the nutrients we ingest and to our metabolism, we convert fats, carbohydrates and proteins into cellular energy which the muscles will use to generate movement.

Proper nutrition provides the daily energy requirements which an active person needs to function.

When practicing sport in a moderate way it is possible that an extra supply of energy is needed as the muscle cells need a large amount of energy as a result of the increase of muscle mass produced when practicing physical activity.

To increase your physical performance a good physical condition is necessary, which translates into energy.

NADH is a natural molecule, present in all cells of living beings, responsible for participating in the generation of cellular energy.

Vitanadh® Express is a food supplement based on NADH that:

  • Helps to maintain the rhythm in those moments in which it cannot fail
  • Provides momentary energy to all cells in the body allowing the muscle to function at peak performance
  • Helps reduce fatigue as it acts as a natural and physiological energy generator with no side effects
  • Acts as a potent antioxidant, helping the body get rid of the free radicals produced in excess

For best-performing sports, Vitanadh® Express is the perfect ally.

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Presentation: Box of 10 and 30 sublingual tablets of 10mg.

Directions Take 1 tablet a day, one hour before the start of activity.
Intake preferably before mealtime. Place tablet under the tongue until its complete dissolution.

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