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Digestive problems can make you feel uncomfortable causing heavy/ bloated feeling, gas or diarrhoea, among others these are some of the problems that can generate discomfort on a daily basis.

Digestive enzymes help us digest food during the process of digestion, for the proper functioning of our metabolism. Our intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients during the digestion process that is why it is vital to have a healthy bowel.

If your digestion is slow and heavy and makes you feel bloated and gas make you feel uncomfortable, probiotics and digestive enzymes help make the digestive process easier, avoiding the generation of gas, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help regulate the intestinal transit and help in case of constipation.

Some factors such as diarrhoea, gas, allergies, recurring low defences, or if you have suffered gastroenteritis can all be a warning sign telling us that our digestive system needs to improve its intestinal flora.

Vitadigest® Enzymes is a food supplement based on three bacterial strains and digestive enzymes which helps regenerate the beneficial intestinal flora and facilitates the process of digestion, helping to eliminate the gases.

The three strains of Vitadigest® enzymes are of human origin, stable for stomach pH. Each strain is installed in a different place within the bowel performing function, together with digestive enzymes they facilitate the digestion process.

The bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus gasseri KS-13; bacteria that colonizes the small intestine. Beneficial microbiota stabilizes and enhances immune function by increasing the proportion of NK cells and IgA. Improves intestinal function. Reduces nasal congestion in patients with allergic rhinitis.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum (G9-1); bacteria that colonizes the final section of the small intestine and the first part of the large intestine. It contributes to reducing acute diarrhea in children and the restoration of the intestinal flora after treatment with antibiotics. It helps reduce cases of diarrhea and constipation and improves gastrointestinal health.
  • Bifidobacterium longum (MM-2); bacteria colonizing the large intestine. Regulates the symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome. Reduces gastrointestinal symptoms associated with stress. Shortens and diminishes the severity of acute diarrhea.

The enzymes:

Protease: Hydrolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins. Helps facilitate digestibility and bioavailability of proteins.

Lactase: Enzyme that helps digest lactose.

Lipase: Essential enzyme for digestion of lipids which fragments into fatty acids and glycerol and helps allow absorption of these nutrients. Helps facilitate digestion.

Amylase: Enzyme that helps digest carbohydrates, especially starch. Which occurs physiologically in the pancreas and salivary glands.

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Presentation: Box of 15 or 30 capsules

Directions: Take 1 capsule twice a day, recommended with meals.

Nutritional analysis

Per daily intake of living cells(*)
(for 2 capsules)
Mixture of beneficial bacteria 2000 millones
Lactobacillus gasseri, (formerly L. acidophilus) KS-13 1, 1,6 x109
Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1 0, 0,2×109
Bifidobacterium longum MM-2 0, 0,2×109
Enzymatic Complex: 310 mg
·Protease 140 mg
·Lactase 70 mg
·Lipase 50 mg
·Amilase 50 mg
(*) Guaranteed at the time of consumption

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Format Capsules
For Man / Woman

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