Payment Method


Paypal is an American company and a member of the Internet e-commerce industry that allows the transfer of money between email users. PayPal also processes requests for payment in e-commerce and other Web services, for which a percentage is charged.


Credit cards (VISA-MASTERCARD): the charge will be made through the virtual POS (Point Of Sale) of La Caixa Bank, which will verify the authenticity of the entity, the saldo and card status. Through the payment button a secure connection is established, in SSL3. The details of the operation relating to the payment data of the buyer (no. Of card, expiration date, Pin code, etc.) are not visible from the virtual TPV by trader. Similarly, "La Caixa" does not know which products are purchased nor the buyers personal data. Once the purchase is completed, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail of payment, in case requested, and you will be informed of the outcome of the transaction with an html page.


The client can pay through bank transfer details are given upon purchase. After verifying the transfer or payment, Bionat will prepare and send the order. Bank charges resulting from the transfer service, will be charged to the customer.