• Sleep and relaxation

    Stress, anxiety or certain moments in our life can alter our state of calmness, causing nervousness or generating insomnia.

    Our sleep and relaxation line offers several supplements that help and promote relaxation and sleep.

  • Detox and Antiaging

    We all know it´s best to look after ourselves both inside and out. There are people who follow diets, who want to look younger or who take care of their health in general.

    We offer a selection of food supplements to detoxify your body and give you the anti aging effect.

  • Neuronal - Cognitive
  • Intimate wellbeing
  • Digestive health

    Problems of gas, bloating, constipation and other derivatives of our digestive system make us feel uncomfortable and prevent us from having an optimal state of health.

    The consumption of probiotics helps us balance our intestinal flora and keeps our digestion at full capacity.

  • Skin and mucous membranes

    With the arrival of spring and hopefully the start of good weather, longer days and enjoying a terrace or a walk in the sun, etc. it is also a time of change, both energetic and climatological, so it is normal to feel more tired or have a general feeling of low energy. All this is caused by the so-called spring fatigue and happens as a consequence of the changes that occur in nature and the environment. It is also important to become more aware of the sun and its effects on nutrition and hydration of our skin and mucous membranes. So It is time to take care and pamper yourself starting from within.

  • Vitality

    Tiredness? Fatigue? Exhaustion? Lack of vitality or energy may arise due to bad eating or sleeping habits or if you lead a stressful lifestyle.

    Face the day with vitality and energy with our selection of food supplements designed exclusively for you.

  • Physical and mental...

    Work stress, lack of sleep, exhaustion or poor nutrition can make us reduce our memory and concentration.

    Our memory and concentration line ensures the contribution of specific nutrients in our nerve cells to help their correct performance.

  • Cardiovascular health

    A strong heart is a healthy heart. Some bad habits could cause problems like cholesterol which affects the cardiovascular system.

    Our cardiovascular line is specially designed to help strengthen our heart, veins and arteries and reduce situations that can harm cardiovascular health.

  • Muscles and Joints

    Do you take care of your muscles, bones and joints? Often they can be affected by the lifestyle we lead, over the years or through injuries.

    To enjoy a full life it is important for bones, muscles and joints to keep them nourished and strong through a proper supply of minerals; this will avoid overload, breakage and injury.

  • Immune system

    Are you prone to catching colds and flu frequently? Are your defences low? Our immune system is responsible for protecting us against invading elements that can cause us infections.

    Due to leading a high pace of life our defences may be affected. Our defences line is specifically designed to help modulate our immune system naturally and maintain our health optimally.

  • Oral health

    Mouth ulcers are a common form of mouth sores causing pain, swelling and discomfort.

    Infections, orthodontics, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes can often cause mouth ulcers.

    In our oral health line we offer products that cover the wound while helping its healing, to prevent pain and accelerate recovery.

  • Pediatrics